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Actor Space

Why Actor Space Studio?

Acting Training Dallas TX

The truth is, everything you need to be a working, professional actor is within you right now.  That’s a bold statement, and one that “flies in the face” of most modern acting training.  Nonetheless, it happens to be true.  And by the way, it doesn’t have to take a long time.


So if it’s all there, then why study?  Well, there is discovery, and rediscovery – of yourself and who you are, other people and the world around you.  The full range of your emotions, your point of view and your understanding are explored and strengthened to bring about confidence and certainty as an artist.  And then there are the technical aspects.

This is a new method of acting training.  Our approach is unique in that we utilize many different schools of thought, a wide variety of training methods, and an individual approach to analyze the actor’s strengths and weaknesses.  We build strength where strength exists, and correct weaknesses with direct, no-nonsense drills designed to handle those specific points.

Over the past 35 years, both in New York and LA, as a working professional actor, I’ve gained valuable insight and insider information about what works and what doesn’t work in this business, and I share that with you.

There is a new class forming now.  Some of the work will be challenging. All of the work is fun! You will be inspired and motivated. And you will inspire and motivate others.


My purpose is to simplify, clarify and make known exactly what it takes for you to achieve your dream as a working, professional actor.

If this sounds like the kind of training you might be interested in, give us a call.  All are welcome!

performing arts Dallas TX
Acting Classes Dallas TX

About Me

Jack began his career as a member of the highly acclaimed Alley Theatre in Houston, Texas where he performed a variety of roles including theater for young audiences and main stage.   He landed his first film role as Joe in the cult classic “Student Bodies” directed by Michael Ritchie, then toured with Gary Burghoff (Radar O’Reilly on MASH) in theaters throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Jack relocated to New York City where he performed off and off-off Broadway and began his television career with the daytime drama “Guiding Light.”   After recurring in several “soaps,” he was picked up as a contract player by ABC for their hit daytime drama “All My Children,” and later “One Life to Live.” Over the course of his career, he has starred in eight different soap operas.

about me

After arriving in Los Angeles Jack guest starred in a variety of primetime shows including the pilot for “The Famous Teddy Z,” “Quantum Leap,” “Family Ties,” “Oh, Baby,” “The Tick,” “High Tide,” “V.I.P.,” “Friends,” “Beverly Hills 90210,” and over the years “Bones,” “Scandal,” “Timeless,” “Westworld,” “Why Women Kill,” “The Morning Show,” “How To Get Away with Murder,” “Feud – Bette and Joan,” “American Crime Story,” and “Mr. Mayor” among others.  He landed the lead role in the live-action Sci-Fi thriller “The Guyver” opposite Mark Hamel, and the movie “28 Days” with Sandra Bullock.  Other film roles include “Twisted Twin,” “The Boys in The Band,” and “Hard Knox.”

He won a Dramalogue Award for best supporting actor in the original production of “Mountains” and wrote and starred in the award-winning short film “Crisis de la Commode” for which he won the Gold Remi Award for best writer from the Houston International Film Festival.

Acting Classes

Acting class should provide an opportunity to practice the actor’s skills and expand the actor’s abilities.  It is a tool to facilitate the actor and move them forward toward their goals.  We use an individual approach to build strength where strength exists, and no-nonsense drills to address and improve those areas that need additional attention for each actor. 


New classes are forming now!  Mixed level classes providing scene study, monologues, improv and exercises.  Wednesday evening class, 7pm, is currently available.

$200/4 weeks, one class per week


Audition like a pro!
This workshop gives you all the basics of auditioning professionally.  Find out for yourself what it takes to give a great audition and put yourself in the running to book the job!  FYI - you may be surprised by what you learn.  You’ll drill it in this workshop!


Self-tape genius.  All you need to know to create killer self-tapes!

We provide all the basics and then you drill them in-workshop until you can create a killer self-tape!  This form of auditioning is now prevalent throughout our industry.  Knowing and being able to successfully create a great self-tape is vital if you want to book jobs!


On-camera workshop
This workshop is a must if you plan to work in film or television.  You will learn techniques here that you won’t learn anywhere else!  You will see yourself and others on-camera and begin to understand simply and clearly, what works and why.  Your auditions and performances will improve almost magically, and your certainty and confidence will rise to new heights!


Private Coaching

The benefits of private coaching are many.  While class is fundamental to learning the actor’s craft, working one-on-one with a coach can speed up the process considerably.  Needs can be addressed directly and specifically, questions can be answered fully, and specific challenges can be examined and handled to create more opportunities for the actor.  This time can also be used for industry audition preparation.



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movies Dallas TX

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